Buckling Spring Keyboards

ubuntu at rio.vg ubuntu at rio.vg
Mon Jun 26 14:54:46 UTC 2006

OOzy Pal wrote:
> Since Linux heavily relays on keyboards rather mice, I am planning to
> purchase an old type real keyboard--I think they are called Buckling
> Spring Keyboards. I am not sure if they are called like this. Let me
> tell you what I mean: They are the old noisy keyboards that their keys
> are made of hard material--not plastic. Also, they have positive
> feedback.
> I have found one vendor and he has two difference Linux templates (png
> attached).
> Can someone tell me if these templates are really Linux keyboards
> templates? Also, do you know others vendors who sell these type of
> keyboards. Do you think key that they are practical.

There is no such thing as a "Linux keyboard".  Linux uses whatever
keyboard you like.  There aren't any special linux keys.  Linux was
developed long after those old keyboards had been replaced by lighter
plastic keyboards.

I used to have one of those keyboards you're talking about, back in the
early 80's on an IBM PC.  The damn thing was made of metal, not only a
sturdy keyboard, but could be used as a riot shield.

That said, the keyboard kinda sucked.  It required much more force on
each key, so your hands wear out faster, and you won't be typing any

Honestly, I'd recommend a modern Logitech or even a cheap no-name usb
keyboard rather than that old clunker, unless you're looking for a
doorstop or home defense.

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