unreal rournament 2003 linux installer

Chris Neary hello at poetofcode.org
Mon Jun 26 14:28:40 UTC 2006

That answer doesn't rule out all AMD processors, so this isn't the problem.
I think Vincent may have meant change your resolution to 800x600 at 65, not @75
which is what you already stated you were using.

Good luck.

On 26/06/06, Dimitri Mallis <dimitri.mallis at gmail.com> wrote:
> im busy reading the readme & i have a AMD athlon 3000+ 64bit 939
> Q: I have a AMD K6 processor...can I play the game?
> A: No. These CPUs lack instructions the physics code needs. This is
>     true for both the client and server. This will NOT change. Please
>     upgrade if you want to play.
> does this mean i can not play the game... because it doesnot seam to
> want to uninstall
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