No Wifi with Custom Kernel

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Mon Jun 26 14:27:56 UTC 2006

Ylan Segal wrote:
> My wifi works perfectly with the stock ubuntu kernel or the 686 kernel
> ( or, but dmesg says the following when booting with
> my custom kernel:
> [17179589.872000] agpgart: Detected an Intel 855PM Chipset.
> [17179591.168000] ipw2200: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 Network
> Driver, 1.1.1
> [17179591.168000] ipw2200: Copyright(c) 2003-2006 Intel Corporation
> [17179591.168000] Warning: PCI driver ipw2200 has a struct device_driver
> shutdown method, please update!
> [17179591.392000] ipw2200: Detected Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network
> Connection
> [17179591.780000] ipw2200: ipw2200-bss.fw request_firmware failed: Reason
> -2 [17179591.780000] ipw2200: Unable to load firmware: -2

By default, firmware files on Dapper (with stock kernels) belong 
into /lib/firmware/<kernel-version>. Try to find out where your custom kernel 
(or hotplug in combination with this kernel) expects those files and copy 
them there.


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