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> It works. Thanks to you and mips (ubuntuforums)!
>  about:config    in the URL bar
> > Filter: IPv6
> Change "network.dns.disableIPv6 "  to "true" ( just double-click the entry
> > to toggle it)
> >
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Hi gonzlobo!

You are not out of the woods quite yet.  If IPv6 DNS queries do not work
(apparently to the little DNS server in your modem) the system will "hang"
when you do Synaptic or other network intensive tasks (jigdo-lite for
example - just got the newest Debian).

I have a similar modem, and series of problems.  If you can, update the
modem firmware.  If not, read on.

For now I edit /etc/resolv.conf changing the "nameserver" line
by adding a "# " which comments it out.  There is alaways another nameserver
in the file so that establishes DNS and the other name server seems quite
happy with all DNS queries from the computer.  During a recent "jigdo-lite"
dance (eight or so terminals dancing the jigdo) where I discovered that our
Quest DSL throttles long downloaders consistantly back to 160K/s (long, long
to grab Debian) I also discovered that everytime DHCP updates the
/etc/resolv.conf is re-written (actually this was not a supprise) and the
jigdo dances stopped.  In this case I simply did an "ps -A | grep dh"
finding any dhclient daemonds and killed them, edited /etc/resolv.conf and
found my files in the morning.  Nasty hack but it was late.  Shortly I hope
to edit the dhclient.script such that the local nameserver is disabled
(never written to /etc/resolv.conf) probably dependant on an easy to control
external flag in a separate file.  In most cases I simply want DHCP to do
it's thing, just not at home.

I wonder if we should be in contact with the dhclient developers?

Have fun!

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