Thunderbird Problem

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Jun 25 19:58:00 UTC 2006

On Sun, 25 Jun 2006 14:24:01 -0500 Wade Smart <wade at> wrote:
>06252006 1421 GMT-6
>My largest file under ./mozilla-thunderbird is 173.2 MB
>That 50,000 is the number of email messages in one folder.
>Im using Gnome. I tried Evolution but just couldnt get the
>hang of it - and it wasnt as easy as Thunderbird.
I think that what you are experiencing is probably as good as it gets with 
Thunderbird and 50,000 messages.  I think your options are limited:

 - Suck it up and live with the current situation.

 - Break the folders down into smaller folders (you'll have to experiment 
with a good size, but I'd be surprised if more than one or two thousand 
worked well)

 - Increase RAM/get faster hard drives (I put this at a low probability off 
success, but it may help).

 - Switch to a mail program that supports a more scalable file format 
(maildir is one, there may be others).  

Were I in your shoes I'd try Kmail (it's the only mail program I know of 
that supports maildir).  Perhaps you could use Kubuntu live CD.  Others may 
have other suggestions.

Scott K

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