Top-posting [Was: Installing with apt-get]

Thiers Botelho thiersb at
Fri Jun 23 01:03:46 UTC 2006

Adding my 2 cents to this immortal discussion . . .

1. I use Gmail via Web, which defaults to top-posting.

2. When writing / replying to uh, er, "normal" people I always do
top-posting. It's the commercial way of doing it as I've witnessed it
thru the last decade or so.

3. When posting to mailing lists I _try_ to always do bottom-posting.
Although I have to bend Gmail's ways to achieve it, it's the only way
to achieve acceptance, recognition, glory and helpful replies from the

4. When reading from mailing lists I absolutely don't care if postings
come top- or bottom- or interleaved-formatted. Since I don't pay
anything for hittting PgUp & PgDn keys as many times as required, all
3 ways require about the same effort to read.

5. I do recognize that sometimes people abuse form and trample
content. Take for instance this hilarious example, picked from a
thread where people got carried away at insterspersing text and
managed to reach the pinnacle of obscurity:

(of special note to any one trying to read aforementioned posting: pay
special attention to the quotation added at the bottom. It somehow
fits nicely with the feelings that the poster and his interlocutor
expressed towards each other throughout the thread).



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