installation CD checksum failure

Johan Penneryd biolacreation at
Thu Jun 22 23:51:41 UTC 2006

On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 01:26:58 +0200, Haines Brown <brownh at>  

> I purchased a ubuntu 6.6 CD and did an install. However, it hung at:
> Installing system; copying files, 34% 2:54 remaining.
> I tried again, and then again with the CDROM checksum test, which
> ended: Check finished: 1 checksums failed. The checksum failure seems
> to be with ./caspar/filesystem/squashfs.
> I inspected the CD and dusted it carefully.
> Is it likely that I was sold a flawed CD? This squashfs is enormous in
> size, and I suppose is holds all the installation files archived. Any
> approaches to this problem other than reordering the CD?

If you get an error with the checksum, theres little chans (if/or any  
chans) you can use that disc.

the easist way to "solve" it is probebly re-ordering it.


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