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Anurag anurag at
Thu Jun 22 11:13:06 UTC 2006

On 6/22/06, Dimitri Mallis <dimitri.mallis at> wrote:
> hi list
> i was wondering how i could automatically put new e-mails into there own
> folders
> so all the ubuntu-users at go into  a folder
> and i can have a seperate folder for every mailing list i belong to so
> that i dont have to search thru 100's of emails
> also so that i can put all the mail that comes from my family into a
> seperate folder
> i use gmail thru fire fox to read my email
> any thoughts

You might want to use a proper email client, since Gmail's web interface
allows you to create a max of 20 labels.. if you have subscribed to several
mailing lists then this surely would be insufficient.

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