Stupid end-user tricks: darcs for /etc and /boot

Alexander Skwar listen at
Thu Jun 22 06:19:30 UTC 2006

Lorin Pino wrote:

> This was fun, yesterday, but has become a drag today.  Is it any 
> surprise that people within this community disagree even on small points? 
> I repectfully request that this discussion be taken elsewhere.

Will do so. It really makes no sense to argue with Daniel.

>  In my 
> opinion, it has gone beyond any helpfulness to the Ubuntu community, if 
> it ever did offer such.  After all, you are arguing over an aspect of 
> Gentoo on an Ubuntu list.

Actually, I don't think we're arguing about Gentoo anymore. Much
rather, we're arguing because of a disagreement on how the OP is
to be understood. And this argument is no wonder, as Daniel has
some very surprising definitions and a rather strange way of
understanding written things.

Anyway. EOT for me. Daniel may have the last word to turn
around something I've written and attack me again - just as
he's used to do so often in this thread.

Alexander Skwar
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with raisins in it.
		-- Dorothy Parker

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