Menu Bar

Marvin J. Kosmal lamsokvr at
Thu Jun 22 04:50:34 UTC 2006

>Erik Christiansen wrote:
>>    Many thanks for shedding some light on how to tickle this GUI stuff.
>> The default top and bottom panels were worst-case for my laptop screen,
>> which is nearly twice as wide as it is high.
>>    Now the top panel is left-side auto-hide, and the bottom is
>> right-side auto-hide. With all that unused stuff out of sight, there's
>> room for another layer of windows in the display. Hot diggity! :))
>Thank _you_ for pointing out that very simple fix. I've been dealing 
>with the same aspect ratio issue. Having the panels on the side is a 
>great idea. I'm not certain why I didn't think of it before!

ON a related issue 

When I minmize something..

I goes away .. It dosen't doc in the tray like I want to too.

How do I fix that?



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