Playing a DVD

Tobias kuzum at
Thu Jun 22 04:16:30 UTC 2006

i use easy-ubuntu then everything works fine

Jean Hollis Weber schrieb:
> Hi, here I am again, with another stupid question. :-)
> I'm trying to play a DVD. When I insert it, the Totem Movie
> Player comes up and starts playing the sound, but it shows only a
> black screen. Also it loops on what I guess is the first track of
> sound (music), which runs for about 60 seconds and then repeats.
> It's possible that the first 60 sec of the DVD is black, with
> music, and then goes into the opening scene. I have played this
> DVD before, but I don't remember that level of detail.
> So then I tried a different DVD. It gave me about 10 seconds of
> sound and stopped completely.
> Suggestions for getting DVDs to play properly would be gratefully
> received.
> Cheers, Jean

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