Logging in as root

Gary W. Swearingen garys at opusnet.com
Wed Jun 21 18:11:13 UTC 2006

> I am also not sure that most distros would allow you to login to the GUI as root. Most distros would allow you to "su
> root" and to login to a text console as root, but logging in to the GUI as root is a different thing.

That's pretty loose language, there.  Most people "login to the GUI as
root" frequently, like when using "su" within a GUI terminal emulator.
We just don't start the top-level GUI (KDE or Gnome and/or window
manager) as root.  And, at least since the advent of the badly-named
"Konsole", "text console" is rather ambiguous as to whether it means
only a real or virtual non-X terminal or also something like xterm or

And if "login" is now a verb, should the gerund now be "logining"? :)

P.S.  Daniel, please don't take this personally; IIRC, English is not
your first language, and I'm just suggesting that everyone try to be

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