Stupid end-user tricks: darcs for /etc and /boot

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Wed Jun 21 16:04:16 UTC 2006

Alexander Skwar wrote:
> Yes, I do realise that. But what else should I do, then to
> clearly state what I mean? Even then people can misunderstand,
> if just try hard enough - and Daniel seems to be trying
> quite hard.

Why all the anger? Why all the provocation? I have not questioned your 
intentions or accused you of ill will; and I would be grateful if you 
offered me the same respect I've shown to you. When you reduce yourself 
to personal attacks it only makes it look like you have no real position 
and must resort to cheap shots in place of a solid argument. I would 
recommend that you avoid personal attacks in all discussions.

   "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the
   unreasonable man tries to adapt the world to himself.
   Therefore all progress depends on unreasonable men."
         -- George Bernard Shaw

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