GAIM - Yahoo Messenger Woes?

Ben Bettin bwbettin at
Wed Jun 21 12:30:28 UTC 2006

Good morning (or afternoon or evening...whatever works for you),

I loaded up my desktop when I got to work this morning and started up
Gaim as usual, but my two Yahoo accounts are not connecting.  I've
tried the usual reboot and such but they're still not connecting.  I
recently read in the news that Yahoo released a new beta version of
their messenger, now including an open API which third parties can use
to develop plugins and such
(  Did this
Yahoo update break Gaim, or am I just having a run of bad luck?
Perhaps there's some configuration magic that will fix my issues?

I did the usual Googling, but didn't find much.  That doesn't surprise
me much since if Yahoo's update did break Gaim...their update was
released yesterday and that doesn't leave much time for the
news/blogger/etc people to post about it.

Any comments are appreciated!  Thanks!


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