how to update my ubuntu 5.10 to 6.06 from the hard disk?

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Wed Jun 21 07:01:16 UTC 2006

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> I installed 5.10 from CDROM, and now I download the 6.06 from the web
> and I want to update my 5.10.
> When I mount the iso file to a directory and use the dselect to
> change the source type, an error occures.
> It says: Can't find the install package *.deb file from ..i386/. I
> find that there is not a *.deb file in that directory. Only the
> Packages file and a Packages.gz file.
> Why?
> The md5 num is correct. So the iso file is not corrupt. But How can I
> finish updating my 5.10 from Harddisk?

when you insert the cd a dialog should pop up asking if u would like to
open the cd with the package manager, otherwise if it doesnt goto a
terminal and type 

sudo apt-cdrom add
sudo apt-get update
sudo update-manger

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