Stupid end-user tricks: darcs for /etc and /boot

gonzlobo gonzlobo at
Tue Jun 20 15:16:36 UTC 2006

I know how etc-update works (I used Gentoo for a year). Upon emerging *some*
packages it prompts the user to view changes to important files (fstab being
one). If the user chooses the worng config file his system is hosed until he
modifies the offending file.

I got tired of pouring over intimate details of every single /etc file (and
paying for it when I chose the wrong options). It's that simple, I punted
Gentoo because of etc-update. No FUD.

On 6/20/06, Alexander Skwar <listen at> wrote:
> Actually, it's the other way around - you have to try hard to have
> etc-update hose your system.
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