no application starts

Markus Lutzer m.lutzer at
Tue Jun 20 09:32:31 UTC 2006

I used Ubuntu Breezy for several month and upgraded to Dapper on 1th of
June. Since this upgrade I face one big problem: Most of the time the
system works without any problems but sometimes its not possible to
start any new application. This means I can work will the already
running applications without any problems but I can't open any new one.
After about 10 minutes suddenly all the applications I tried to start
shows up. This behavior does not affect terminal tools like top, ps,
kill etc. but graphical ones like OpenOffice, gedit etc. and even the
selection window of "shutdown" from the gnome menu. When I try to start
these application from the terminal, nothing happens, no error messages.
I have enough of resources, 1.7 GHz, 1GB RAM and "top" tells me the CPU
is about 99% idle and a lot of memory available. Once again, the system
works very well and responses quick with the already open applications.
Also no interesting messages appear in /var/log/messages. This problem
happens every few days but is very annoying especially when I need to
set my laptop to standby mode. I'm happy to provide more information if
needed and welcome every idea how to fix it.

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