how many people have actually replaced Windows with Ubuntu Linux

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I have used Ubuntu for about six months.  I'm a CNS & IT student, and try to explore and use as many different types as I can.  I use Ubuntu, Suse10, Fedora5, and Solaris10 Unix.  But, I have online courses sometimes for school, and need to use XP Pro w/Internet Explorer to access my courses.  No matter how much I like Linux, not all networks provide support yet for it.  Many are still stuck using old MS technology to run their services.  In a way that's fine, because I do a lot of application development (VB, Access, Beta testing, etc...) in MS.  I also do the same in QT for Linux.  Plus, some other programs such as Oracle and Sun can be done in Linux, and Windows.  I plan to be a systems administrator when I graduate, and develop applications for everything, so I want to know as much about them all as I can.  Plus running different kinds of OS's makes my home office workstation system a good base of operations.
I recommend that everyone tries to use and study all systems as much as possible.  Using them all, does not neccessarily mean that you like them all, or want them for your personal use.  But, it is the professional way to do things!  
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> DC Parris Wrote:
> I'd like to know how many people have actually replaced Windows with 
> Ubuntu Linux.
> Hi
> Its only been 2 weeks for me, but I have moved to Ubuntu full time.
> (and wont be going back)
Hey, DC,

I've been Linux-only for about four years; from '99 until then, I ran a
dual-boot laptop only because during that time, I needed two pieces of
software for work that had no Linux equivalent. That's no longer the
case. So I've gone 'cold turkey.'


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