Ubuntu as server for small school?

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Sun Jun 18 20:52:19 UTC 2006

Am Sun, 18. June 2006 21:14 schrieb david davidson:
> I am volunteering at a small school to help them set
> up a ~10 user office/admin network, and was hoping to
> get some advice from you folks before proceeding.
> (Learning as I go here....)
> Here is what we have on hand:
> Hardware:
> - About 8 Dell Desktops P4 2.2 Ghz and faster.
> - A few laptops to be used at the office and at home.
> - Two laser printers with attached NetGear
> mini-printservers.
> - A SnapServer storage appliance.
> I might be able to get funds for a cheap desktop to
> run as a "server", but as I think a Windows Server
> license will not happen now, I am looking at Ubuntu.
> Software:
> - Sufficient quantity of Windows XP volume licenses.
> - Sufficient quantity of Office volume licenses.
> - Sufficient quantity of Symantec Corporate AV
> licenses.
> - Sufficient quantity of Symantec Ghost licenses.
> Right now, all machines are in one room, but they need
> to expand to a 2nd location in a different building.
> Both locations have broadband Internet access, so I am
> planning to link them with a couple of SOHO VPN
> routers.
> The current setup has the SnapServer running in
> "peer-to-peer mode" with a manually configured user
> account for each machine that needs access.  Microsoft
> Office is installed individually on each machine.
> Symantec AV/Ghost are not installed yet.
> I would like to wipe all machines and start fresh, but
> I am need of some guidance to help me create a
> "maintainable" network.
> Some sort of "traveling desktop" would be ideal, as
> there are more office workers than machines.  (I am
> unsure if this can be done without Windows Server.)
> I have free reign to redesign the network from the
> bottom up, and I would like to do things right.  So,
> the more detailed advice I can get, the better.

Skolelinux, http://www.skolelinux.org
IMO this distribution should fit (most) all your needs.


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