Install Dapper to FakeRaid 1?

dan_99503 ulist at
Sun Jun 18 20:23:33 UTC 2006

BoneKracker Wrote: 
> I think you are going to need to use some of the more advanced features
> of GRUB that tell GRUB the details about the drive your are trying to
> boot from (such as the "geometry" command).


> Search for "GRUB documentation" in your favorite internet search
> engine.


> Why are you not installing GRUB to the RAID?

It will be more reliable booting from the compact flash rather then
depnding on a complete drive crash instead of a partital drive failure.
If one of the drives fails at any level it will still boot and run
correctly. Unless I don't understand correctly GRUB won't allow that
level of reliability when booted from one of the drives. If the drive
fails completely then it would work but other than that it may run into

I gave up trying to get it working properly on that hardware 8(. There
is definitely a bug/hardware compatility issue holding it back.  Even
when not installing with the compact flash it was still running into
the same problem. 

I tried installing it on a different motherboard with the same hardware
and it installed flawlessly. 

The other hardware that was giving me trouble was a TYAN 1U server.
After al the trouble I've had with it and it's fakeraid I will buy
SuperMicro next time 8). 

- Dan


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