Remote login, graphically?

Andreas Schildbach andreas at
Sun Jun 18 10:08:38 UTC 2006

Andreas Schildbach wrote:

> I have installed Ubuntu on my mother's machine. Now, I'd like to solve 
> some of her technical problem remotely. I can already login via SSH and 
> fix things with a text editor.
> Now, I'd like to start several X programs on her machine, but have the 
> user interface on my machine. I have tunneled X through SSH with:
> ssh -X ...

I have solved this part of the problem. The "BadWindow" error was just 
temporary, it did not show up on successive tries.

But I do notice a strange behaviour. If I have a local Firefox instance 
running, the remotely started instance attaches to the local instance. 
This means that any requests fired from the remote instance are in fact 
fired from the local instance. As the primary goal was to connect to 
services only available in my mothers local network (the admin interface 
of the router), I have to close all local firefoxes before I start the 
remote instance.

Strange behaviour )-:

Thanks to those of you who replied.



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