dapper drake install

jabster ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sun Jun 18 02:40:54 UTC 2006

> >> Sure did, I looked everywhere, I pressed the finish partitioning & 

> >> write to disk button, zip, so I had to press <back>

> >>

> >> Dave

> >>

> > 

> > That's odd i did the same and it went further, try see if there are
> any 

> > messages in the consoles if you have not done that already,
> otherwise i 

> > am stumpted. Normally gives an error message if the partioning is 

> > incorrect.


> I have seen this too. I think it is due to something like no partition
> selected 

> for / or / not marked to be formated. I am very sure I was able to get
> past 

> just by selecting partitioning options, not going back to timezone or
> the menu

FWIW, this problem exists in the final dapper release.

Here's the entirely repeatable spiel:

1. I am upgrading from a gentoo install, so I have 3 regualar partions
(ext3 & swap), and a bunch of LVM partitions.

2. I setup my regular partions first: hda1,2,3: /boot, swap, /.

3. Hit the setup LVM item. 

4. I then get a message telling me the existing partition table must be
written to disk. Fine. So the installer formats my partitions and writes
the table.

5. LVM setup then goes fine.

6. I enter the mount points for my logical volumes. All good.

7. "Write partition table to disk". <enter>

8. Back at the partition screen. WTF?

9. Based on reading the above, I went back to "/" and told it not
format->done, then format->done.

10. "Write partition table to disk". <enter>

11. Timezone selection screen.

12. Yea!!

Definately a bug of some sort here. Not a killer with some googling and
ubuntu-foruming. But still a PITA that shouldn't be there. For a newbie,
this would be a bad thing.....but if you have LVM partitions, you're
likely not a newbie. :-)

and using kubuntu alternate CD btw.



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