Hibernate and Suspend

Jaime Davila jdavila at hampshire.edu
Sat Jun 17 21:45:34 UTC 2006

Matt Price wrote:
> OK, 
> so I'm getting much closer to my goal of being able to suspend and
> hibernate my dell latitude d820.
> I've dicovered this much:  the two power management hotkeys (Standby
> and Hibernate) work quite differently.  "Hibernate" is a stnadard
> keypress, keycode 165, which is picked up by gnome-power-manger or
> powernowd (not sure which) and activates a suspend cycle (kernel-level
> swsusp, I think.  As far as I can tell there's no ACPi suspend-to-disk
> on this machine, though I'm not sure yet).  This starts with
> xscreensaver being turned off, then a power-down cycle which takes
> somewhere upwards of 45 sconds.
> "Standby" activates an ACPI event (Button/Sleep), which at first was
> calling the standard acpi-support script sleep.sh, which in my case
> did absolutely nothing.  However, by installing the hibernate package
> (I used the newer debian 1.91 package, which has new configuration
> structure) I was able to map the key to the hibernate script, which
> basically stops any worrisome drivers and modules (in my case nvidia
> seems the worst culprit) before suspending, then reloads them on
> resume.  
> Now:  when I first got this laptop hibernate seemed to be
> workingfine.  Then after some fiddling I got "standby" working (yay!);
> butthis seemed to break hibernate.  Now after some more fiddling both
> seem broken.  Here are my symptoms:
> Standby:  suspends just fine (takes a while though); however, on
> resume there are usually very serious problems, e.g. the root FS will
> be mounted read-only and basically nothing will work; I then have to
> do a hard recet.
> Hibernate:  suspends just fine, but usually doesn'tresume at all.  If
> it does resume, then acpi is usually broken & standby is no longer an
> option.  If Irun stuff for a while other stuff seems to break as
> well.  
> I feel there's probably some conflict between hibernate, powrsaved,
> gnome-volume-manager, etc, but I'n not sosure what's really going on,
> it's all so complicated.  If anyone has more advice I'm VERY grateful
> for it!  
> Thanks,
> Matt

Only thing I could suggest is to look at all the log files being 
generated by those packages. But I suspect you've done that already.

The other thing is to just uninstall those packages, and start with one 
at a time. Also rather unoriginal of me. Sorry.

Keep us posted,



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