irritating cvursor error in forefox, evoltution, and a couple of other programs

matt.price at matt.price at
Sat Jun 17 03:39:32 UTC 2006

Ho folks,

I love my new laptop and the dapper install I'm running on it, but I'm having
some troub le with the cursor in web forms on firefox and also when using
evolution.  This isthe issue:

My very huge 17in screen has a native resolution of 1900x1200, which I'm using;
this makes the lines of text in standard text entry boxes in firefox very short.
 perhaps because of this, the cursor does blinks oddly -- not a straight on/off,
but an odd blinking where the top few pixels blink on, then turn off again while
the rest of the cursor line appears.  This is slightly annoying but no big deal.
 What IS however a significant problem is that, hwen I use arrow keys to
navigatethrough the text I've written, the cursor leaves little images of itself
scattererd throughout the text.  THis makes it VERY hard to read what I've written.

Anyone know what the cause of this is?  I'm working on a dell latitude d820 with
an nvidia graphics card, using hte Free nv driver.  



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