Breezy->Dapper missing partitions

talisein talisein at
Fri Jun 16 21:03:53 UTC 2006


I upgraded to Dapper a week or so ago, and have run into a small glitch
that hasn't been fixed yet. I seem to be missing 2 partitions, hda2 and
hda3. hda2 was my /boot, and hda3 was my swap disk. Oddly, hda and hda1 
are listed in /dev. I think hda1 is my LVM root disk. I don't know how 
reboots happen with no /boot, but they do get by (booting does complain 
about the missing partition, but will continue with Control-D).

I'm sort of at a loss on where to begin to trouble shoot this one.

Thanks for your help!

Andrew Potter
talisein at

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