quick apt command help...

loney ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Jun 16 18:27:49 UTC 2006

I suggest that you do not install from debian unstable. Pinning the
package won't help if the dependencies can't be met, which is likely
the case. Compiling the source would not help for the same reason.

Relaxing apt to include unstable dependencies could fatally corrupt
your system, esp. since libc6 is a gphoto2 dependency. Even if that
worked, pinning an unstable package would probably break a functional
gphoto2 in the future.

If the gphoto2 version in dapper universe is sufficient, then I suggest
that you upgrade to the latest Ubuntu, uncomment the deb universe line
in /etc/apt/sources.list and create the following

Package: *

Pin release c=universe

Pin-Priority: 90

This ensures that a universe package will be installed if unavailable
elsewhere but universe will never supersede another installed package.

apt-cache policy

to verify the universe priority and

apt-cache policy gphoto2

to verify the gphoto2 versions.

If the gphoto2 version in dapper universe is not sufficient, then I
suggest that you wait until it is sufficient. If you decide to do
otherwise, then back up /home and be prepared to do a reinstall and
reconfiguration from a base system with no other back up.

SuSE or other distributions are no better in this respect, except that
some non-debian based distributions give you more rope to hang

Secondary device linux support often lags Windows because the device
manufacturers are not financially motivated to support linux.
Complaining to iRiver might help. I find it useful to research linux
support before buying a newer device model and let lax vendors know why
I didn't choose their product.


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