swsusp: cannot find swap device - or is it an ACPI error?

Jaime Davila jdavila at hampshire.edu
Thu Jun 15 18:19:26 UTC 2006

Dick Davies wrote:
> On 15/06/06, Jaime Davila <jdavila at hampshire.edu> wrote:
>> Dick Davies wrote:
>> > Is the path to the swap device hardcoded somewhere in the kernel?
>> I don't think so.
> Didn't think so, but 'cannot find swap device' sounds like that's what's 
> going
> on, doesn't it?
>> How are you trying to hibernate? That is, are you pressing some keys on
>> the keyboard, or choosing the hibernate option form gnome's quit menu,
>> or something else?
>> From the 'quit' menu. Suspend sort of works, although it only wakes up
> if it feels like it.

Here are the two things I would try next.

First, figure out which partition you might be able to use as swap space:
(main menu -> system -> administration -> disks -> partitions -> swap 

Second, check what scripts are being called when you use those options 
in the quit menu.
(gconf-editor -> apps -> gnome-power-manager -> action_button_suspend & 
action_button_hibernate & can_suspend & can_hibernate


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