Two instances of OpenOffice on thin clients.

Morgan Greywolf morgan_greywolf at
Tue Jun 13 21:59:19 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Oliver Grawert wrote:
>> i dont see how it solves the problem, you'll need to teach openoffice to
>> use different ~/.openoffice.org2/user/ directories per client login of
>> the same user.
> Do you know what OpenOffice uses that directory for? Is it important?
It's used for user settings and user-specific data (clipart, etc.).

BTW--I know of no way to make OpenOffice do what Oliver Grawert is
suggesting other than using some special whizbang scripts that somehow
changes the $HOME directory for each instance of the same user ID. 
You're probably better off having separate user accounts for each user.

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