Two instances of OpenOffice on thin clients.

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Tue Jun 13 14:46:32 UTC 2006

Hi Oliver,

Oliver Grawert wrote:
> dont do that, neither openoffice nor firefox are ready for it. either
> use an account per client to work around it or use an account per
> student. we're looking for a solution for that but its not easy and
> might still take until edgy+2

I found a way to do it that creates roughly 1MB of overhead per client. 
Essentially I could have many directories like so:


Each would be packed with symlinks to /usr/lib/openoffice/. The only 
files that would not be symlinked would be program/soffice*. Then write 
a wrapper script that picks a different one for each client.

Does this setup have any problems that I can't see? It seems to work.

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