Compiling a dapper kernel

Cameron Hutchison camh at
Tue Jun 13 01:27:09 UTC 2006

Carl wrote:
>Cameron Hutchison wrote:
>> I want to recompile my kernel for a couple of reasons:
>> [...]
>> Is there a wiki page or something similar that describes that kernel
>> options the Ubuntu kernel needs to have [...]
>I just tried to figure this out a few weeks ago.  I found a bunch of 
>conflicting info.  I did my best to orginize it here: 

Thanks for that info, Carl. I had already read most of that, but
unfortunately it does not cover the mininum necessary options. An
'ubuntu-minimal' "package" for kernel options would be the kind of thing
I'm looking for.

>Turned out I didn't need to compile a whole kernel, so I never did /do 
>it/ - good luck.

I'm going to need to compile the whole kernel, so I'll figure it out
as best I can. If I can figure it out in a reasonably portable form
(ie. not too specific to my installation), I'll add it to the kernel
pages on the wiki.

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