Wine vs. VMWare (Was: Wine: MS Money 2004 + IE6)

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Mon Jun 12 13:09:52 UTC 2006

The problem with VMWare is it consumes alot of read cycles because it
emulates the entire PC hardware.
But you can also drag-n-drop within the host and the guest. The good side
with it is it's easy to install and impliment.

QEMU seems a bit faster than VMware, a bad side of it is it's hard to
configure, but once it's installed, it's fast and responsive.

Bosch is the worst performer, it's not as responsive as the two, but a good
side of it is on the low-level software development side. And with great
potential to be used as a embedded software tool.

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> I think he means 'drag n drop'  :)
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