Wine: MS Money 2004 + IE6

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Jun 12 13:05:47 UTC 2006

John Cradock wrote:

> You've moved to Linux, but you want to run IE6? Why?

You're coming rather late to the thread - you could just read the first (or
even last) post to see _why_.  Basically, a number of Windows-only programs
_require_ IE.  I have a couple that do quite nicely with the Mozilla
Active-X control, but some absolutely have to have IE.  Some of us still
must use proprietary software for some things.  Someone suggested, for this
case, using MoneyDance.  Last I checked, that doesn't do the job I need,
but even if it does now, why should I spend money for a different
proprietary solution, when I've already got a legal Windows license and a
purchased copy of Quicken?  imo, Windows is no worse than any other
proprietary software.

Beyond that, it's a pretty poor web programmer who doesn't test his pages on

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