Totem and Codec

Dion Le Blanc dionleblanc at
Mon Jun 12 06:14:29 UTC 2006

Jan Moren wrote:

> sön 2006-06-11 klockan 22:23 -0500 skrev Kenneth P. Turvey:
>> My wife and I have been catching up on the Sopranos and I downloaded the
>> latest episode (two versions) and it seems to use a codec that is not
>> recognized by either my Linux box or her Windows box.  Is there a way to
>> identify what codec is necessary and where to get it under Ubuntu?
>> Just in case someone can tell me based on the filename, here it is:
>> The.Sopranos.S06E12.HR.HDTV.AC3.5.1.XviD-CTU.avi
>> I should note that I don't have any problems playing other XviD files
>> (other than my laptop being a bit too slow).
> Since the file will play neither on Linux nor with Windows media player,
> and since you can play other XviD files, I'd hazard a guess that the
> downloaded file simply is faulty for one reason or another.

  That is a fair assumption,,,you could try using avifile player, do a
search with adept or synaptic for avifile and install the player and the
codecs you want. Not as fancy as Totem but I find it a lot more reliable.

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