java crashes when accessing font functions

DavidFong ulist at
Sun Jun 11 08:20:31 UTC 2006

I had the same problem as well, but is is now fixed, thanks Perseph0ne.

The same problem occurred with Blackdown 1.4 and SunJava 1.5

Weissnich, follow the link provided by Perseph0ne ...

'Intellinet forum post'

Look for the post by Andy DePue at 10:20 pm, where he provides a Java
program. Copy this program into a text editor and save as something
like `'. Compile the program and then run it (from the


java FontCheck

After the disk churns a bit, a window will open and your fonts will be
displayed. The `FontCheck' program will crash, look for the last font

name displayed before the crash (just before this message, I think)...

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the

Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xAACBC56F



Sometime the font name is helpful, in my case it was not (`ted by
sachin'). I have no idea which Debian package holds that font. `locate
sachin' did not help, `locate ted' provides too many files to check.
Anyway I got rid of ttf-freefont and various fonts for languages I will
never use. You may need to re-run FontCheck a few times, getting rid of
any fonts which cause a crash.

Eventually, when FontCheck can display all your available fonts without
a crash, you can try your Java program again!

In my case, I was trying to use BibleDesktop 1.0.2. BibleDesktop kept
on crashing when I chose `Tools - Options' from the menu.

Hope this helps.

Cheerio, David.


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