Encrypted Dapper filesystems?

centos at rio.vg centos at rio.vg
Sat Jun 10 15:22:01 UTC 2006

pulver wrote:
> Yes, but personally I don't care much about small performence losses,
> and do encrypt everything. You were the one mentioning threat models,
> the fbi, mafia...

I've been running my personal systems with encrypted home directories,
but never really saw the point in encrypting /usr.  Since the files are
unencrypted and accessible while the system is online, it doesn't help
you against malware or someone hacking into a live system.  If someone
steals my laptop, they're not gonna get any personal data out of those

Here's another advantage: Use loopfs, and it makes it nice and easy to
create backups.  Just logoff, unmount, unloop, and copy the loopfile to
CD or DVD for an encrypted backup.

> Besides encrypting my private files, I also at least want to encrypt
> swap and tmp. Besides that one want to make sure that the system
> binaries haven't been tampered with. Encrypting everything is an easy
> approach to get one step further in that direction.

I highly recommend using tmpfs for /tmp, rather than encrypting it.
There's no need to keep /tmp files around between boots, so instead of
encrypting it, it will simply be wiped out.

Encrypting the binaries will _NOT_ ensure that they haven't been
tampered with while the machine is running.  Use tripwire for that.
Unfortunately, the free version of tripwire has been getting rather
stale and I think the only system that performs similarly is samhain,
which is a bit more complicated.

(Note: aide does NOT protect your files, since the database it creates
is vulnerable.  Tripwire signs it's database, so you can be assured it
hasn't been tampered with.)

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