trendnet TEW-423PI wifi pci card

3z3k3l ulist at
Sat Jun 10 20:02:51 UTC 2006

s.roman Wrote: 
> I'm planning to buy a wireless pci adaptor for my computer and I was

> wondering how well would the trendware TEW-423PI card work with

> Ubuntu.. Anyone else used this card with linux? Would I have to

> configure it extensively, considering I'm relatively new to linux?

> Thanks in advance.


> Roman


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I just bought this card and so far haven't had any luck.

I just upgraded from 5.1 to 6.06 and then put the card in, haven't
tried it in 5.1.

Anyways, tried installiing ndiswrapper and the very first time I
installed it, I used the WinXP driver, and the GUI for ndiswrapper,
grabbed the inf file and installed it then my Comp Froze up. Eversince
then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and so far it will not
install the driver.

I can see the card in the device manager but can't get the driver to

Anyone else have any luck and can point me in the right directions, I
have tried a bunch of tutorials so far and none have worked or they
have been over my head.

I have tried this:

and still no go. Is there another driver I should try?


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