Encrypted Dapper filesystems?

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Sat Jun 10 09:56:56 UTC 2006

Juergen Starek wrote:
> If you happen to stumble across a solution that makes the encrypted
> volumes accessible from multiple OSs, please let us know.

True Crypt is cross-platform.

>> * The volume is indistinguishable from random data.
> Is this not the case when using the method described in the FAQ article
> mentioned by the OP?

The FAQ pointed by the OP does not claim that it does. It gives me the 
impression that it actually alters the disk's partition table. I'm sure 
that the data can't be recovered without the password, but having an 
entry in the disk's partition table makes it distinguishable from random 
data, at least in the context of plausible deniability, which is the 
context that I wrote that comment.

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