Wine: MS Money 2004 + IE6

Alan McKinnon alan at
Fri Jun 9 17:13:41 UTC 2006

On Friday 09 June 2006 14:46, Ylan Segal wrote:
> I will keep you guys posted, and thanks for the help.

Welcome to the wonderful world of debugging wine :-)

More often than not getting a Windows app working in wine requires 
some digging around, I find WINEDEBUG most helpful in this. If you 
don't know what WINE_DEBUG is, there's a lot of info in the docs. In 
summary, it allows you to select messages from wine that get printed 
to the console

'WINE_DEBUG=+loaddll wine <app>' is especially useful - it prints each 
dll as it gets loadd, you can see if it's a native or built-in, and 
it especially prints out the FIXME statements in the wine code. If 
you see one of these it means the function is not implemented in wine 
yet and will of course not work, so you need to configure that dll to 
be loaded as a native.

Give me a shout if you need more help/explanation/whatever on this

If only me, you and dead people understand hex, 
how many people understand hex?

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