XMMS Crash on Dapper

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Fri Jun 9 12:36:58 UTC 2006

Am Fri, 9. June 2006 12:40 schrieb Mehdi Hassanpour:
> Hi
> XMMS crashes with "Segmentation Fault" , has anyone else such problem ?
> other multimedia apps work fine...

No, works fine for me.

You may try to trace the problem.

1) Start xmms from a terminal.
If there is an error message, please post it here.

1.a) Often it is a workarround to move the users .xmms directory to an other 
place or delete it.

For this open a terminal.
Do a:
ls -ld .xmms

You shold see the .xmms directore listed.

move the directory to an other place by typing:
mv .xmms .backup.xmms

Above .backup.xmms is the new place for the old .xmms directory. You may use 
another name than .backup.xmms if you like.

Start xmms again. If it works, Fine :) 
If not, let's have a deeper look...

2) There is a programm caled srtace which is used to do a very intense tracing 
of all programm (inter)actions.

For this start xmms in a terminal by typing:
strace /usr/bin/xmms

You will see a lot of messagess scrolling down the screen. Don't worry, in 
most cases only the last 20 to 30 lines are of interest in a case than yours.
You may also tell strace to write it's mesae output to a text file. For this 
strace -o xmms.strace /usr/bin/xmms

Please post the last 20 - 30 lines of this this messages here.
(Not the whole *strace file! Such files may be Mbytes in size. You don't make 
friends by posting such big files to a mailing list. ;-)


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