ntpdate installed but time differs from nrc official?

Jack Wasey gmane at jackwasey.com
Fri Jun 9 08:59:42 UTC 2006

David Armour wrote:
> hello,
> unfortunately, once i'd selected 'synchronize with internet servers now' 
> and watched my desktop clock changing back three minutes, i thought i 
> might as well press the 'periodically synchronize with internet servers' 
> button. unfortunately, that seemed to lock up the system, requiring a 
> crtl-alt-backspace salute!

To sync the time accurately, ntp programs seem to dominate the machine, and can 
appear to hang. Your screensaver can get confused, thinking you've had extra 
inactivity, and this may cause apparent (or real?) hang. Do file a bug if you 
can reproduce it. It may also take some time, so be patient, even if it appears 
to hang. Can you ssh to the machine from elsewhere while 'hung?'

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