Breezy to Dapper upgrade - laptop

dinux dinuxid at
Fri Jun 9 06:59:23 UTC 2006

On Fri, 09 Jun 2006 02:16:38 -0400
Me - Atlantic <jdangler at> wrote:

> I really appreciate the feedback from the list on this
> Here is the config info for my laptop, currently running Breezy 5.10,
> that i'd like to upgrade to 6.06 (Dapper)
> Dell Inspiron 8600
> Searching for problems with this particular hardware didn't turn up
> anything, although i've heard some strange things with openoffice and
> gnome...
> Does anyone have any input as to whether the upgrade from Breezy to
> Dapper will present any serious problems?
I just upgrade my breezy to dapper on thinkpad A21m 2628
did not encounter big problem, just modem not recognize by dapper.
modem work after load module ltserial n ltmodem then put in rc.local
to always bring up when power up/reboot.


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