i give up...

John Mark Walker johnmark at johnmark.org
Fri Jun 9 00:09:20 UTC 2006

Lorin Pino wrote:
> So, then the reason that Suse provides broken multi-media programs, 
> and a warning that they cannot legally provide working ones, is just 
> because they are unwilling to jump through whatever hoops are need to 
> get the licensing?
> ~Lorin

You have to differentiate between open source and non-open source. It 
doesn't matter if you buy a license - distributing an open source DVD 
player is illegal. Period. Buying a license does not give you the right 
to distribute the source code to DeCSS and allow full redistribution of 
your software + DeCSS.

The parent poster is a bit disingenuous - to really get your hands 
around the issue, you have to mention the open source angle. So remember 
kids, as long as you plunk down cash for an official, proprietary DVD 
player, you're welcome to rent someone else's data that they store on 
encrypted DVD's. But owning the data is not allowed and neither is 
releasing an open source DVD player - at least, not in this country. If 
you look around, you'll  notice that all of the projects for open source 
DVD players are not hosted in the US. There's a reason for that.


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