wpa and dapper

Carl K carl at personnelware.com
Wed Jun 7 05:43:25 UTC 2006

> I will be trying https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperNetworkManager soon.
good news: I am now on wpa wifi without having to run any commands.  
good job to those that did the work to make that happen.


I think some cleanup needs to be done. I am still finding most of the 
docs have "Network-manager 0.6.1 will land into official Dapper 
repository soon (today?) 
and not so much "do this, put your key here." 

If I was a bit more on top of what was going on I would do it myself.   
If someone else can do the editing, I will run through the resulting 
instructions on a clean dapper install. 

one thing I noticed: the docs all seem to want me to edit 
/etc/network/interfaces to remove the references to the wireless nic.  I 
think you can use the GUI: system/administration/Networking, select the 
nic, Properties, uncheck "Enable..." - that seems to be what network 
manager needs.  which seems very odd. 

Carl K

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