how to debug broken hibernate?

Jaime Davila jdavila at
Tue Jun 6 23:02:14 UTC 2006

Colin Brace wrote:
> On 6/6/06, Jaime Davila <jdavila at> wrote:
>> Could you provide the contents of /var/log/acpid? Linux should be
>> writing into that file every time it detects an acpi event, like
>> sleeping/hibernating requests.
> My swap partition is also /dev/hda5 so I added that to the #kopt line
> in menu.lst, but for some reason hibernate still doesn't work.
> Looking at /var/log/acpid, I don't see any hibernate events, only
> occasionally "button/lid". Here is a section from it:
> [Tue Jun  6 23:37:10 2006] starting up
> [Tue Jun  6 23:37:10 2006] 54 rules loaded
> [Tue Jun  6 23:37:18 2006] client connected from 4482[108:108]
> [Tue Jun  6 23:37:18 2006] 1 client rule loaded
> [Tue Jun  6 23:50:17 2006] exiting
> I tried at that point to hibernate the laptop via the gnome logout
> panel. The laptop appeared to hibernate (screen darkened, harddisk
> activity for about thirty seconds, then the system turned itseof off),
> but it never seems to restore properly.
> Thanks...

What do you have on the acpid log file after that? In my system that 
file is kept form one boot up to the next.


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