ANNOUNCING : Ebuntu , Enlightenment 0.17 + Ubuntu

ubuntu at ubuntu at
Tue Jun 6 01:53:46 UTC 2006

Carroll Grigsby wrote:
> Let's see... so far we've got Kubuntu for KDE fans, Xubuntu for xfce users, 
> Edubuntu that retains Gnome, but is aimed at educational environments, and a 
> while back there was speculation that Google was going to bring out their 
> version (Gubuntu). Will Brubuntu be a Brazilian localization, or will it be 
> for beer drinkers? How about Wubuntu for a version that runs Windows apps 
> using Wine? Oh yeah, why not Fubuntu for people that want fmmv? And, for the 
> command line folks, why not Clubuntu?
> Where will this madness end?

When Cthubuntu rises out of the sea...

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