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email.listen at googlemail.com wrote the following on 05.06.2006 16:07:

> Arrgglll, pitfall, pitfall, ....
> Thilo, pardon me you just made two fundamental mistakes.
> But on the other hand this is a good example for pitfalls of different Unix 
> systems. :)
> first:
> Given that a documetation to a command you refer on other Unix'es may be 
> correct for GNU/Linux also. I would consider it as a mistake pointing novice 
> GNU/Linux users to such places. This because novice users tend to browse the 
> doc's aside those you refered but this doc's may be wrong for GNU/Linux 
> systems. 

VIGNESH did you read that? heh ;)

> second and worst:
> Never refer to other than GNU/Linux documentations for Linux commands. 
> Even if there is such a command for other Unix flavours. The differences in 
> behaviour may vary from none to dramatically.



>> Here is an example i found on the net:
>> http://cvs.pld.org.pl/setup/etc/filesystems?rev=1.2
> ---8<---
> ext2
> vfat
> minix
> nodev proc
> nodev devpts
> iso9660
> ---8<---
> - IMO 'nodev proc' is obsolete because it is initialised at boot
> - 'nodev devpts' devpts is obsolete on systems using udev, e.g. dapper
> - The asterisk (*) in the last line is missing. So only filesystems listed 
>   are used 
> regards,
> thomas

OK. Thanks again for explaining this.

bye Thilo
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