Package/Build-From-Source Management

David Abrahams dave at
Mon Jun 5 14:23:15 UTC 2006

Florian Diesch <diesch at> writes:

>>>> Another thing that worries me is that in practice several package
>>>> management systems might be in use at any time.  For example, Intel's
>>>> C++ compiler is only distributed as an RPM.  How should I manage the
>>>> interaction among these different systems?
>>> Install the alien package.  It can be used to convert from rpm to deb
>>> (and vice-versa).
>> Superb.
> Be careful with alien, it just converts the package format but knows
> nothing about where the files belong to in Ubuntu or what special
> actions are required to integrate the software into the system.

Oh, back to square zero on that one.  Any other ideas?

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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