Wireless LED doesn't work (by default) in "Dapper" on HP NC6000 using ipw2200 driver

Matt Patterson matt at v8zman.com
Mon Jun 5 13:25:16 UTC 2006

I fiddled with this a few weeks ago. I have seen several people post about
this problem. I think it is primarily that the led feature is not really
functional. It has nothing to do with anything but whether or not you have
turned on the led. If you turn off the card, the light stays on, etc. I
wrote a very ghetto script that actually read the state from the card and
attempted to set the led state by either removing the module (only way to
turn off led) or setting the led. The script works, but is real ghetto and
has a lot of missing cases because its all shell scripting (which I suck
at). If you like I will send it your way. I don't have it at my current
computer, so drop me an email (direct) if you want it.


On 6/5/06, Christopher Meyer <kungfoosion at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've just setup dual-boot between Dapper and XP, installing Dapper from
> the "Deskop" CD on my HP NC6000 laptop.
> I have to say I was extremely impressed with the installation, having
> everything work out of the box, including
> wireless, using the ipw2200 driver. The only thing missing was the LED
> light for my wireless card not lighting up
> when  I activated the wireless interface. After searching a few forums
> someone suggested adding the option:
> options ipw2200 led = 1
> to "/etc/modprobe.d/ipw2200" .
> This file doesn't exist on my system, however I did make the necessary
> entry in "/etc/modprobe.d/options"
> and after a reboot, the wireless LED lit up as soon as the interface came
> up. This makes me happy :) .
> Question is, do I accept this to be a "cosmetic" bug which I can live
> with, or should I file it as a bug on Launchpad?
> I haven't seen this logged as an issue on Launchpad by anyone else yet.
> Thanks in advance.
> Christopher
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