want info on doing a dapper server install

Adam Lafayette atomlbomb at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 4 23:52:01 UTC 2006

I am currently running ubuntu 5.10 as a destop

I want to setup an SSH server on another machine using
dapper drake-server.

If I run the server install cd am I going to get just 
a command line at the end of my install?

I'm not scared of the command line but will like to
have a gui as well so I'm trying to get an idea of
what I will have from the server install.  I looked
through the wiki and couldn't find too much about what
I will get with the server install.  I only found
pages on how to configure Once its installed.

Thanks for any help.

Adam Lafayette  N1ZGG   atomlbomb at yahoo.com    http://www.bloodkeg.com       http://www.geocities.com/atomlbomb

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