Mounting external network attached storage

Christopher Beynon christopher.beynon at
Sun Jun 4 13:37:50 UTC 2006

I had the same problem with fedora core 5. Obviously your samba-server has
unix extensions enabled.
My solution:

Use following commands as root before mounting  the samba share:

/sbin/modprobe cifs
echo 0 > /proc/fs/cifs/LinuxExtensionsEnabled

In Fedora, you can put these commands in /etc/rc.d/rc.local. I don't know
the corresponding file in dapper.

Christopher Beynon

On 6/3/06, Tim Penhey <tim at> wrote:
> I have a maxtor NAS which internally runs samba 3.0.2, but unfortunately
> only
> exposes the shares through samba.
> I want to mount them automatically through /etc/fstab.
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